Most people know of Lodi because of the famous CCR song. The power of a popular song to implant an idea is interesting. If you would have asked me what I thought of Lodi before visiting, my answers would be very different, naturally. I would assumed Lodi is a place you get stuck in, unwillingly. But now that I have visited and reread the lyrics to the song, I think it is more of a refuge than a pothole.

I have been performing and trying to do music for a while now; so, it’s interesting to read to lyrics to “Lodi” and try to put myself in John Fogerty’s shoes. I can certainly relate on certain levels. And all my visits to Lodi have been wonderful and refreshing. People here are so sweet and the speed of life is refreshing. I have also heard multiple people from here talk about the refreshing quality of moving back from the city hustle.

We played at a school of music called “B Sharp School of Music” and their venue is called “The Middle C.” The pun is there for people that understand some music theory. For my friends that may not know, it is pretty much the same note but a different way of saying it. Of course there could be some separation in the octaves, middle c is a specific note, and a b sharp could be played at various ranges. Anywayssss.
The room sounded awesome acoustically, and we could play with really fun dynamics. It’s always refreshing to play for listening audiences. Oh! And we brewed of some of my coffee blend that we are selling! It was delicious and fruity. Great job Cedar and Spokes! And lastly, it was great to see some of my Seattle friends that moved down here. They all have a glow that results from cheerful hearts. It is always nice to see friends in good places.