CAB #9



Our time in Portland ended with some quality time and food. I have met so many wonderful and generous people over the years. Traveling as part of your job creates an interesting dichotomy. Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain relationships within the city you live because of the revolving leave and return. But leaving home affords the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family you may otherwise never see. There are even times when I find myself giving updates to my friends about our friends. But, I say all of that to say that is was really lovely to visit and spend time with some friends in Portland. Thank you for the beds, corn-beef hash, and snack bag if you are reading this! 

Last night, we played in Eugene, OR. This was my first time ever visiting this city; so, I didn’t know what to expect. We intended to leave Portland with an extra hour of cushion, which ended up being about 45 minutes… and then 30 minutes after a coffee stop and ratchet strap lock check. I’m not gonna say any names, but we have some extra guitar gear on this trip; so, we had to put some gear on top of the car. The straps were making quite a ruckus, and at some point, we had to pull over before a piece of luggage went flying off the top the vehicle… now, we have 15 minutes before we are supposed to play. We finally get everything secure and safe; now, we are back on the road, and the gaslight comes on. We reach the point where we had 5 miles left in gas.. and 4 miles (THANKFULLY) to the nearest gas station. By the time we fill up, our eta is now 3 minutes before we play. Stress level was at a cool 5/10.  

We let the venue know and everything was super chill. We finally made it to the venue; I’d also like to add that we gained a minute back! We quickly load-in our gear and set up to play. We then noticed that we didn’t have a mic stand… so, we took one of our guitar stands, and tied a microphone to the top with Devin’s shoe lace. Problem solved. 

From here on out, the night went smoothly. The people of Eugene were very lovely and treated us well. We met some amazing people and even found a place to stay! Additionally, our new friends were kind enough to help show us around the city for Saint Patrick’s Day, which included getting to see an Irish band of bagpipes and drum line perform. I love how with that music, you have one note on the bottom that just drones, and everything dances on top. 

Now lastly, I would like to call attention to a lovely cab driver named Marty. Turns out that one of our new friends had taken his cab before; so, they had some funny stories. I also asked this gentleman to tell me “his story.” He told us that he was born and raised in Eugene. He has 3 children, even told us the height and weight of his sons. What I loved most about the CAB #9 ride is that he seemed to really enjoy his life and cared about the people in his cab. Now granted, he has been driving for 3 months. But I just really enjoy meeting people who enjoy life, no matter what it is they do.