It’s hard for me to imagine doing something in life that affects so many people that it creates a culture, an era or even a whole town. Ashland, OR carries the weighing and astonishing impact of Shakespeare. I have an appreciation for the people of this town. I have only visited twice, but I can always sense the slow pace appreciation of art and life.

The drive was pretty short; so, we had enough time to get there early enough to hang out and have some tea. When I say tea, I mean serious and delicious tea. Dobrá Tea is a bohemian-style tearoom with some really cool history about “devoteas.” I’ll save you the experience and story for when you visit. The history and craft of tea feels almost timeless, I wonder why it’s not as widely acknowledged in America; maybe we don’t make enough time?

After enjoying our time there, we headed over to the venue that we were playing. No guaranteed pay for this show, but we did get a bar-tab which included food. I am imagining most artists use the generous offer for mostly drinks. We decided to make the most of our tab with a good, hearty meal, and we maxed our tab with some family style eating. This is the best if you are like me, wanting to try everything but also keeping a budget in mind. But we were able to have 2 appetizers, 3 scrumptious entrées, and a lot of free water.

I gotta say I was proud of the work we did in finishing everything, the waiter was also impressed (sidenote - people should always tip, especially when it’s free or discounted). All in all, yesterday was very relaxing. We played after a Celtic group that plays every Sunday night. I’m pretty sure they maxed their tab without food. They were great and added a lovely vibe to the room. We decided to play completely acoustic (no amps or sound system). People were kind and seemingly a little tired, especially given it being 9:30 on the Sunday night after St Patty’s day. Now, we travel further south to the land of sunny weather and pretty people.