Not much sunshine in the state so far. But it is still beautiful; northern California has always been one of my favorite places. The way the hills roll is so peaceful, and clouds not giving rain were hiding in the hills. I hope I can have a place and time to write here one day. We actually discussed the topic of being bummed about rain but not actually feeling bummed. Our spirits have been pretty high and relaxed this whole tour. We got into San Francisco around lunch time and went to the Mission District. There is a super cool park with an amazing and fresh grocery store called Bi-Right. I almost quit the band to apply here, not really. But it was super and we tried a lot of free samples of fruit.

A perfect case scenario would have been to have lunch and practice in the park, but due to the rain we just ate in the car. We also decided to find a coffee shop and get some work emails done and update this blog you are reading (thanks for reading by the way!). Turns out the shop we picked had no wifi or power outlets. I dig this idea, and it keeps their shop productive. So, we enjoyed our coffee and found out one of the baristas is moving to Seattle! We chatted and exchanged info; he also plays music. It is always fun to make those connections in random places.  After coffee, we decided to head over to the venue but found a giant nature park, with like 20 pond/lakes, a Japanese Tea Garden, Science Center, Botanical Garden... all the things! You should totally check out Golden Gate Park if you visit San Francisco. It was also great for us to get out and walk around, since the day before was like a 5 or 6 hour drive.

The time in the park was refreshing after the rain, such a wonderful smell was in the air... even the flowers seemed happy. So, we headed over to the cafe where we were playing and got the work done that I mentioned earlier. The show was really relaxed and fun. I think we all really enjoyed our time in San Francisco; it was much more relaxed than my last visit... almost 4 or 5 years ago. It was that trip that planted the idea of moving to Seattle. But that is another story all together. We are heading Burbank now! Excited to play in a new city and visit some friends I met in Seattle at the coffee cart I work for. I may not make a lot of money, but I make a lot of friends. Hope to see each of you soon!