Ever since I can remember, I have always had a crush on San Diego, CA. It’s the one place I have always wanted to live. I still remember the sensation of when I finally reached this city the first time. It was also during the process of moving to Seattle, WA. If I had to describe the feeling, I would say it was like the beginning and ending of the same book.

The first time I passed through, I did not have anywhere to play. So, I found this awesome coffee shop caller Lofty Coffee in Encinitas, right up the street from Moonlight Beach. Then, I decided I would want to live near here if I ever had the possibility. I ended up finding an open mic at some restaurant-bar. It was not the greatest experience or setting, but I gained information and fell in love with the city even more. So, I am always excited to have the chance to revisit.

This day and tour stop was also bitter sweet; because, it was Aleida’s last show with us for this tour. She linked up with her family here to head to a birthday party in Tucson, AZ. She has been great, and we were honored and glad to have her with us this far... of course many more shows to come! But from here on out it is Devin and I.

But I’ll share a little more about our time is San Diego. We revisited the place and coffee shop I mentioned earlier! Also while at the shop, I saw they are carrying products by a company in Seattle that I like called Miir. The coffee and music world, truly is small and well connected! After chatting and having some coffee, we had some time to spare; so, we walked on the beach before heading to the venue. There is something so refreshing about breathing in the salt air and looking out over the ocean. Still not much sun, but still one of my favorite places to exist and feel grateful. Someday, I still plan to invest some time here, and I’d be really interested in hearing how that affects my music. Seattle definitely brought out some unique aspects that I didn’t expect.

It’s always refreshing to play songs and hear how they translate to different people and spaces. The show and venue was lovely, and we felt well received. Family and friends showed up. I highly recommend visiting San Diego when your spirit feels heavy. And goodness! You can still sing the blues.