Our desire for some sunshine has been denied so far! We played in Burbank, CA last night, and this was the not type of weather to inspire Beach Boys music. However, it was still beautiful and moody! It was funny because we were looking at the faces of some people at coffee shops... it is like we never left Seattle. Seasonal depression set in quick down here.

But I was still very excited to play this show for a few reasons. First, friends that I met briefly in Seattle at my job, working at a coffee cart, were coming to the show. It was one of those serendipitous encounters were you meet someone and you know you connect with them on a personal and spiritual level! We never discussed that when we met, but there was a level of discernment that made it clear. I love it when that happens. AND... they actually showed up! Which, honestly rarely happens. I felt very honored to have them there as guests, such a lovely couple.

The other really cool thing about this show is the other artist involved. They hit me up via facebook because they are playing a show later this year in Seattle. Our discussion opened the topic that they have a really cool space for shows in LA. Living room style shows are PERFECT for the tour set up we currently have. This band was generous enough to set up everything and invite their friends to hear us. And it was amazing, everything we could have hoped for!

Most of you have probably heard my song called Pretty People, and some stories about visiting LA. I will confirm rumors that beautiful people really do live here. That sometimes can create a feeling of necessity to perform, even through the way you look. In the spirit of presenting your best, we decided as a band to brush our teeth before we played. I can also honestly say that these were some of the sweetest people I have ever met! Everyone was really kind, encouraging, and generous. My fondness for LA continues to be redeemed and growing. It’s refreshing to be genuine and admit when you don’t fit in. That process can be hard sometimes, but when you find people you click with the value is even greater. Thank you Burbank for being kind to me and my friends.