Finally, some sunshine! Before leaving San Diego, we took a plunge into the ocean. So cold, so worth it. We returned to Los Angeles to play for one of my favorite show networks. Seriously, you should look up SOFAR SOUNDS and see if they host shows in your city. Just a quick pitch, they are a global network that hosts living room shows. The cool twist is that they keep the location a secret until a day before, but they don’t announce the artist until you arrive. So, it’s a perfect situation for people who want to hear new artist in a distraction free environment. I love these shows and try to work a few into each tour. I have done shows through SOFAR in Seattle, Portland, Fargo, Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas; each experience was golden.

We also were able to hang out with some of my friends again that came to the Burbank show! Even more amazing, they did our laundry while we were in San Diego! Talk about a servant’s heart. Sometimes other people’s generosity is convicting, in the best way. I have some of the most giving friends; I wonder if I give enough. Full transiency, it feels easier to be kind and graceful to strangers sometimes. That is my personal confession, but I am sure we all have those family members or friends that we sometimes take for granted, without even realizing. Making a good first impression is easy, but time shows all of our weaknesses and selfish tendencies - to be long-suffering is tough. I am thankful of people who remind me to be generous and kind. I feel like LA has reminded me of that in a lot of ways this time around.