Tyler Edwards is a singer-songwriter from Florence, South Carolina. He began his career in 2008, writing and performing with the rock band I Anthem. After releasing two EPs and an LP, I Anthem achieved moderate success with multiple songs breaking the Top 10 on Billboard's Rock Charts and music featured on MTV and NASCAR. In 2015, Edwards launched his solo career with a 6-song EP, “Too Young for Love” and moved across the country to Seattle, Washington.

Since relocating to Seattle, Tyler has cultivated a strong grass-roots following, building from open-mics to selling out notable venues around the city. The stark honesty and passion that make his live shows so compelling also translates into his recorded work. Ear to the Ground Music notes that “...Edwards has a genuineness about him that makes his album infinitely listenable".

Now, two years after the EP, Tyler is excited to announce the release of his debut full length album!  “A Few Good Hearts" gives listeners a personal insight into his past two years of change and growth, and bridge his musical influences from rock to folk and country. With lyrics as a focal point, the music moves in and around the words to paint a masterpiece of verbal and sonic imagery that tells a unique story.



The following audio and photos have been made available for your use.  Additionally, a one-page .pdf version of our press kit can be found here.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Tyler since he arrived in Seattle and began playing live. Not only is he one of the most hard working, dedicated, and driven people I know but he is also a genuinely nice guy.  I’ve seen him grow from playing forty-fifty people shows to nearly selling out Neumos, a 650 capacity venue. I have the utmost confidence that he will continue to thrive in this industry and continue to impact people in a positive way.”
— Evan Johnson, Talent Buyer at Neumos


"Tyler Edwards makes the kind of music that is why we started this site. He’s really talented and it comes through in both the melody and the vocal. He sings with emotion and conviction." 
— Ear to the Ground Music


“We’re honored to have Tyler using our E10D guitar on the wonderful songs he’s created for his new album, A Few Good Hearts. The warm, rich, full-bodied tones of the guitar pair perfectly with the the deep songwriting and warm production of the record.”
— Eastman Guitars


"He’s a little folk, a little country, a little blues, a little soul and a little pop, all wrapped up into a package that favors coherent song-craft over curveballs and complexity." -
— IndieMusicReviews.net


"Tyler Edwards clearly means every word and note."
 — Vents Magazine

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